Butetown History and Arts Centre

Originally referred to as Tiger Bay, Cardiff Bay was once Europe’s largest and most famous multi-racial community. BHAC has been archiving photographs, video interviews and histories of immigrant people who have contributed to the shape of modern Wales through their part in the shipping industry, the industrial revolution and two world wars. It aims to preserve the history of the local people and educate the next generation. A visit to the museum could include a boat trip around the Bay, a walking tour of the Bay, use of the museum’s interactive archives and an informative oral history session with life-long residents of Butetown. Areas of interest include history; geography; art; science; citizenship; sociology and urban development and regeneration. Walking tour themes include the waterfront, the Victorian commercial centre and the Barrage. BHAC also offer slide shows. Themes include ‘From Pithead to Pierhead, the story of the Welsh Coal trade’, ‘Blitz over the Bay, the story of Cardiff docklands at war’ and ‘The Pierhead Building, the story of Cardiff Bay’s icon building.’ BHAC has recently exhibited ‘It’s already in the wood’, the Afro-Welsh sculpture of Raymond Charles Taylor. Please contact us for a list of current events. Visiting times vary depending on the type of visit