Big Pit: National Coal Museum

Big Pit stands on the edge of Blaenafon, a town that played a vital part in the Industrial Revolution. This revolution transformed the landscape, culture and society of Wales, the UK and the world. The tour begins with a 300ft (90m) descent down the mineshaft by pit cage. The visit also includes the original Big Pit colliery buildings around the site, the Fan House, Blacksmith’s Forge, Stables and Pithead Baths. An exciting 20-minute audio-visual presentation describes life at the coal face and methods of coal mining throughout the ages. Your virtual guide takes you through a simulated mine, where a modern coal face is brought to life with light and sound. Please note, visitors under 5 years old and under 1 metre in height may not descend into the mineshaft for safety reasons. Half a day should be allowed for this visit.