The beautiful village of Beddgelert in the heart of Snowdonia is totally surrounded by mountains. The village takes its name from the legend of Gelert, who was Llywelyn Fawr’s dog. According to the legend, one day Llywelyn went out hunting and left his baby son in the care of his faithful and trusted dog, Gelert. When he returned, he was welcomed by Gelert, who was covered in blood. He saw that the cradle was overturned with the blankets soaked in blood and his son nowhere in sight. Assuming the worst, Llywelyn killed the dog. As Gelert died, he heard the sound of a baby crying. When he went over to the cradle he saw that his son was safe underneath it and a large wolf by its side that had been slain by Gelert who was protecting the child. Filled with grief, Llywelyn buried Gelert in a field near his home and placed a stone over the grave. This stone gave the village its name, Beddgelert, meaning Gelert’s grave. To this day, it is possible to visit the grave a short distance outside the village. Beddgelert is also a perfect base for a number of walks in the are